Loss Prevention

With our Loss Prevention services, our mission is to help policyholders avoid unforeseen harm and financial loss. We help protect your properties while also increasing safety in our communities by identifying potentially dangerous hazards and offering valuable risk management advice.

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Loss Prevention Rebate Program

For existing policyholders, we will pay 50% of the expenses (up to $1,000) for the installation of an emergency backup generator, water leak detector, automatic shut-off valve, main sewer backwater valve or backup sump pump.

Surge Protection Rebate Program

We will pay 50% of the expenses (up to $1,000) for the installation of an electrical Surge Protection Device (SPD) on your property.

Tree Trimming & Removal Rebate Program

We will pay 50% of the expenses (up to $1,000) for the trimming or removal of trees/branches on an existing policyholder’s property. The trees/branches must pose a risk of damaging an insured building or overhead power lines.


7 Ways to Protect Yourself From Loss

Protecting yourself, your business, or your property from enduring a loss is easier than you think. We’ve compiled our top loss prevention tips so you can feel confident that you’re adequately protected.

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9 Essential Fire Prevention Tips

Did you know that most fire-related accidents are preventable? To ensure you’re protected from potential fire damage, read our essential tips for preventing fires before they happen. 

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Cybersecurity from Home

In an age of remote work and constant online security threats, learn how to maintain your cybersecurity while working from home.

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