Outdoor Fire Pit Safety

backyard fire pit fireplace

There is something special about sitting around an outdoor fire and watching the flames dance. But it comes with a warning as accidents can happen. Whether you gather around a portable fire pit, a built-in fireplace or a chimenea, take some time to acquaint yourself with these backyard fire safety basics.

  1. Fire pit position: Fire pit should be placed on a level ground, at least 10 to 20 feet away from buildings, plants and any combustible structure or surface, and preferably nothing hanging overhead.
  2. Check weather forecast: Avoid lighting a fire in windy conditions which can blow and spread embers.
  3. Keep a bucket of water or sand or a garden hose close by in case things get too hot to handle (pun intended). The garden hose nozzle should be set to “spray” as a shower-type spray douses a fire, while a direct water stream spread sparks.
  4. Position chairs so people can get up and move about without knocking the fire pit or falling towards it. Keep children away.
  5. Begin with a small fire using twigs and build it up with bigger sticks and eventually wood logs.
  6. Always burn wood that is clean, untreated, and unpainted. Avoid construction materials like plywood and composite woods which can release toxic fumes when burned. Never use lighter fluid, gasoline, or kerosene to start a fire.
  7. To extinguish a fire, spread the ashes over in the pit and let them cool down. Then, slowly pour water over the ashes and monitor it to ensure that the fire is completely snuffed out.

It’s always good to check with your local community outdoor fire by-law requirements before purchasing or using a fire pit, fire bowl, chimenea, fireplace or other outdoor fire devices. For more information on fire safety, follow our blog and social media, or chat with us or our brokers today.