5 Tips To Drive Safely During Winter

Along with snow, ice and colder temperatures, winter also brings potentially dangerous driving conditions. Follow these tips to drive safely during the blustery season.

1. Practice Defensive Driving
Stay vigilant, drive slowly and leave more than normal distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. Allow extra travel time when you brake, change lanes, make turns and curves. Avoid passing other vehicles when weather and road conditions are bad.

2. Get Winter Tires
Winter tires provide good traction for turning and stopping on wet, slushy or icy surfaces. They allow you to stop 40% sooner than all-season tires and significantly improve vehicle handling. Inspect tires and check pressure at least once a month when tires are cold. Remember that tire pressure decreases in colder weather.

3. See & Be Seen
Remove all snow, frost and fog from your vehicle including on the hood, roof, windows, mirrors and lights. This helps you see better on the road and prevents snow from sliding onto the windshield or other vehicles while you drive. If visibility is poor, turning on headlights will make your vehicle more visible to others.

4. Be Prepared To Call For Help
Ensure your mobile phone is fully charged. Keep a charging cable in your vehicle just in case. For emergencies, call 911. Save tow truck or roadside assistance number in your phone.

5. Always Carry An Emergency Kit
Store these in your vehicle: First aid kit, antifreeze, flashlight, batteries, blankets, candles, matches, hazard markers, seatbelt cutter, snow shovel, ice scraper & brush, jumper cables, fire extinguisher, whistle (to attract attention), roadmaps, bottled water & food.

Download our Safe Winter Driving Infographic here.