Electrical Checklist To Prevent Farm Fires


Did you know that 40% of all farm fires are caused by faulty electrical systems and wiring, making it one of the leading causes of farm fires? That’s why we’ve created an electrical checklist to assist farmers in preventing and mitigating electrical fire risks.

  • Ensure that all electrical installations, maintenance, and repairs are performed by a Licensed Electrical Contractor.
  • Once a year, engage a qualified electrician to inspect electrical systems.
  • Maintain electrical equipment to prevent malfunction and overheating.
  • Unplug electrical equipment and deenergize circuits when they are not in use.
  • Consider installing battery cut-off switches to deenergize power to mobilized equipment when idle.
  • Electrical wiring must be properly protected if it is exposed to mechanical damage or harsh environments.
  • Ensure that concealed electrical wiring is approved for the application or protected from rodent damage.
  • Consider installing Arc Fault Protection for commonly used circuits that provide power to tractor block heaters, battery chargers, etc.
  • Keep heaters out of the reach of livestock and away from combustible materials.

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