Property, Farm, and Commercial Insurance Claims: What To Do When You Experience a Loss or Damage

Man trying to fix leaking pipes below sink

Operating a business or owning property comes with its risks, and it’s essential to understand what needs to be done before filing an insurance claim to mitigate damage and ensure you receive what you’re entitled to. Here are five important steps to follow before dealing with a property, farm, or commercial insurance claim:

  1. Your first priority needs to be your own and your family’s safety. Before you do anything insurance-wise, take care of yourselves and make sure everyone is okay.
  2. Contact the appropriate authorities. In cases involving vandalism, breaking and entering, or theft, contact your local police. If you experience a fire-related emergency, phone 9-1-1 immediately.
  3. If possible, mitigate your damages. For example, you may need to turn off water valves or the power to your home to prevent further damages. Always remember, your safety is the #1 priority, so never put yourself at risk when mitigating damages.
  4. Capture evidence. Take photos with a camera or phone to document any damage to your home or business’ contents as soon as you can. Do not throw anything away that may be useful for your claim. 
  5. As soon as you are able, contact your broker to report the claim. Your broker has a deep understanding of your insurance coverage and can walk you through the claims process so you understand the next steps. 

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