No House Break-Ins During Your Summer Vacation

Summer is in full swing. Before you take the kids on a much-needed vacation, take the necessary steps to keep your home safe. Here are seven helpful tips to prevent a break-in and to ensure your precious home stays safe and sound.

  1. Lock All Doors & Windows
    Locking all doors and windows is a given but don’t forget to secure other openings like pet doors and mail slots. Burglars could reach in through these openings with a tool to unlock their way in. Draw shut the curtains or blinds to prevent outsiders from looking into the house. Should you choose to leave them opened, ensure that expensive items and valuables are kept out of sight.
  2. Make It Look Like You’re Home
    A bright and well-lit property is proven to prevent burglaries. Use a timer on some lights to come on at different times and places within your home. Apply the same tactic for your TV and stereo too. Set the radio to play a station’s talk show to give off the impression of people conversing. Don’t forget to lower your house phone ringer volume so outsiders won’t notice that calls are unanswered. Ask a neighbour to collect your mail, and temporarily divert or stop your newspaper delivery. Consider leaving a car parked in your driveway so it looks like someone’s home.
  3. Enlist Neighbour’s Help
    Ask a trusted neighbour or relative or friend to keep an eye on your house. Besides watering the plants, they can collect your mail and check the house for anything suspicious. Ask them for help to shovel snow off the driveways and walkways to prevent your property from looking unattended. Leave an emergency number for them to contact you or encourage them to call the police should they notice something amiss.
  4. Remove Spare Key
    Even if your spare key hiding spot can be the most unassuming, do assume that some burglars might invest significant efforts in finding it. Don’t take the chances. Remove the spare key or drop it off with a neighbour or friend for safekeeping or emergency.
  5. Arm The Alarm
    Don’t forget to arm your house alarm before leaving. Notify your home security company that you’re away. A home alarm system not only give you peace of mind but could also help lower your home insurance.
  6. Be Discreet
    Your family is probably excited about the getaway and would want to share this experience with family and friends through social media or simply by word-of-mouth. However, you do not know who is watching or listening. Posting photos on social media or discussing information about your travels is dangerous and can compromise your home safety as people would know that your home is currently unoccupied. Only inform trusted individuals about your plans and avoid discussing them in public as anyone can overhear.
  7. Check Your Home Insurance
    Several days before you leave, ensure that your home insurance is valid and has adequate coverage. When it comes to protecting one of your biggest investments, Kent & Essex Mutual Insurance offers the best-in-class home insurance that gives you peace of mind and is affordable. Get a free quote here.

With these steps checked off your list, you may now enjoy your vacation to the fullest! For more information on home safety and break-in prevention, follow our blog and social media, or chat with us or our brokers today.