July 21, 2020

To Our Policyholders,

We hope you are keeping well! On our end, many on our team continue to work from home and a few are transitioning back to the office. Safety measures continue to be in place for our staff as we start slowly integrating them back into the office and on the road. Our office remains closed to the public.

In our latest effort to assist the community during this difficult time, we have donated $25,000 to organizations bringing relief to people most impacted by COVID-19. The funds were dispersed to local charitable organizations in the Chatham-Kent and Windsor-Essex communities.

We’d also like to provide you with an update on actions we have taken to assist our policyholders.

Please contact your broker to discuss any changes to your car, home or business insurance:

  • If you are no longer using your vehicle to commute to work or it is not being used for business/commercial use you may be eligible for a premium reduction.
  • If you are now using your vehicle to commute to work or for business/commercial use.
  • If you are temporarily using your vehicle on a volunteer basis to deliver meals or groceries.
  • If you are now operating a business from your residence.
  • If your business is shut down, unoccupied or vacant due to the pandemic.
  • If your Seasonal or Rented Dwelling is unoccupied or vacant.

If your premises have become shut down, unoccupied or vacant due to the pandemic, you should still continue to be proactive in maintaining a level of care to the premises.

Until August 31, 2020, we are waiving the $50 NSF fee for returned payments. You are still responsible for any charges from your bank.

Should you have an accident or claim to report please contact your broker. Policyholders can also report a weekend or after-hours Claims Emergency that requires immediate attention by calling 519.971.2887.

On behalf of the team at Kent & Essex Mutual, stay safe and thank you for your continued support.

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